Amuleit — Minimize your company losses in case of viral disease outbreaks among employees

Outbreaks of illness among employees always lead to losses to the company
Financial performance of the company depends on the activities of every employee.
The indicator of revenue per employee determines how much revenue every employee can generate for the company. The sick person temporarily loses the ability to work and does not contribute to the company's annual revenue. The more sick employees and the longer the period of their incapacity to work, the more money the company loses.
For instance, a situation in a large company
Let's consider an American company with the annual revenue of $163 million and 500 employees. Every employee brings the enterprise an average of 27 thousand dollars a month. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, 35% of employees at the company fell ill. This means that the company loses $ 1.584 million every month throughout the outbreak.
To quarantine only the diseased employee
is not enough
To stop the spread of infection, it is necessary to isolate not only the sick employee, but also those with whom he was in contact before the first symptoms of the disease appeared. Tracking employee contacts during an outbreak at your company is the only surefire way to stop the spread of the disease and avoid losses. It is extremely important to do it quickly and on an ongoing basis.
Amuleit is a system of protection from losses in case of a disease outbreak in a company.
Amuleit is the only way to identify employees with a high risk of being infected before symptoms of illness appear. The system allows identifying a carrier with little or no symptoms using Contact Tracing Protocol, developed by Apple and Google. It helps to stop the spread of the disease and avoid a partial or complete shutdown of the company's activities.
Amuleit Tag
Every employee receives Amuleit Tag.
This is a contact tracing device in the form of a key fob that employees should always carry with them.
While employees are close to each other, their devices exchange Bluetooth signals. If the communication lasts a certain time, the devices remember the fact of the contact.

Amuleit Tag devices DO NOT track the location of your employees.
Amuleit Router is designed to transfer data from tags to the server. When employees are in the range of the router coverage, their Amuleit Tags automatically transmit the accumulated information about contacts to the server via secure channel using 4G/LTE technology. The number of required routers is calculated based on the number of employees connected to the system, 1 router for 50 employees by default.

Amuleit Center server is the main element of the system. This is a computer for storing and analyzing information about all contacts between employees of your organization. Using special machine learning algorithms, Amuleit Center identifies all employees with a high risk of infection before they show symptoms.
The server administrator has access to recommendations on preventive measures, strengthening control of the condition, or isolating employees at high risk of infection.
Amuleit Router
Amuleit Center
Amuleit system includes
How Amuleit works
Amuleit will allow you to:
Reduce the number of cases of infection among company employees by 3-5 times;
Avoid full-scale quarantine operations due to timely prevention and isolation of a small part of employees;
Keep the company's revenue at a high level.
Amuleit is your protection system against losses, the
«immunity» of your company in case of a virus disease outbreak among employees
The system calculates the individual risk of infection for every employee and generates recommendations for preventive measures, additional monitoring of health or isolation of employees. In this way, it reduces the number of sick employees and keeps revenue high.
How to purchase Amuleit
The Amuleit system is available on a subscription licensing scheme. You can purchase an unlimited amount of Amuleit Tags, divisible by 50. The minimum delivery set is 100 pcs.

The subscription includes:

a one-time transfer to the user of a complete set of system equipment for unlimited use;

a license to use a certain number of Amuleit Tag tracking devices;

1 year technical support.
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Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnitsyn Computation Center. Founder Data Science & Machine Learning expertise, SEIR dynamic network epidemic models for individual risk prediction.
Amuleit will save your business during the outbreak of COVID-19 at the company and help to avoid downtime. It will tell you who of your employees could become infected and should be quarantined, and who can continue working. The system is ideal for companies and organizations whose production and profit depends on the continuity of business processes.
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