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Amuleit - the first service to control & track company's COVID-19 herd immunity for HR & EHS.

Manage your company's COVID-19 herd immunity & forecast possible exposures with AI-based service.

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Even after 9 months of vaccination, pandemic hasn't disappeared completely. New local & global exposures are registered from time to time. According World Health Organization & American Medical Association can't predict when the pandemic ends. For companies with offices & workplaces that means is a new challenge to save & increase dropping level of workforce productivity.

Pandemic has made EHS & HR processes more complicated

With all these challenges, for company is becoming more & more important to prevent new exposures & decrease the amount of new cases. Service could help you to efficient strategy of defeat & control of company's herd immunity. The strategy contains 3 steps:

To prevent, you have to manage it first. So, how to build an effective system of management & control?

1st step
It's more important to revaccinate or test employees with a higher risk of contagion who have more contacts with colleagues. Amuleit revealed those risk groups by collecting different data.

Smart vaccination & revaccination based on your employees' group risks

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2nd step
Amuleit has extended possibilities to organize more efficient test groups by their risks. It makes testing more efficient and less expensive.

Smart periodical testing of employees

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3rd step
Vaccination & tests can't guarantee 100% of your employees defeat. Digital contact & proximity tracing of high-risk & postitive-tested employees could prevent the further outbreak in the beginning of it.

Fast blocking of exposures between employees

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How it works?

1. Data collection
Amuleit collects data about employees' contacts, their durations, and common places via different data sources like mobile app client, form collections or via integrations with external services.

2. Forecast
Amuleit forecasts possible development or side effects in case of an exposure by analysing the data with AI-trained algorithms.

3. Risk analysis
Amuleit forms reports with divided by risk groups employees. .

4. Recommendations & actions
To these risk groups, Amuleit forms different recommendations of safety actions like revaccination, tests etc. In case of exposure, Amuleit notifies which of your employees have higher risk of contagion and who needs to isolated.

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Amuleit is service to make your HR & EHS processes more efficient and support high level of herd immunity in your company.
Mitigate your COVID-19 risks & make processes more efficient
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Amuleit will save your business during the outbreak of COVID-19 at the company and help to avoid downtime. It will tell you who of your employees could become infected and should be quarantined, and who can continue working. The system is ideal for companies and organizations whose production and profit depends on the continuity of business processes.